Good Fortune Basket

Bird Nest Gifts


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  • 35 grams Indonesian premium dried bird nests. "The Humble Scholar" bird nests, packed in a glass jar. 
  • Dried sweet red dates packed in a 100ml glass jar.
  • Organic crystal rock sugar packed in a 100ml glass jar
  • Dried almonds packed in a 100ml glass jar.
  • Dried small scallops packed in a 100ml glass jar.
  • One fresh seasonal mandarin orange. Size and number of fresh produce may differ from photo according to season. 
  • 350 grams of Garden's Lucky Candy
  • Ideal gift choice for Chinese New Year, Birthday and Well Wishes. 
  • Visit for various recipes. 


Perceived as the best valued bird nest, The Humble Scholar is a good choice for regular servings. It has a medium-sized strands and minimal impurities. Nest Empire’s Humble Scholar retains similar nutritional properties as other bird’s nests, making it perfect for daily consumption and home-crafted recipes.