Our Values

A principle that we hold is to only harvest the nests once the eggs have hatched and the nestlings have matured. This is what we value – ethical and sustainable farming. Ethical and sustainable farming is key to natural regeneration of the birds. 

The cleaning process is as important as the bird nests. Only clean water is used during the cleaning process. We value the authenticity of the natural bird nests and despise the use of any chemical enhancers, preservatives, additives and colouring as we believe that it defeats the purpose of consuming healthy products such as bird nests. 

We hope to empower communities. As many communities in Indonesia are still struggling with poverty, we aspire to help break the cycle of poverty through the creation of sustainable jobs.

We honour the people who harvest, clean and process our bird nests. These are the people who work tirelessly and meticulously every day to ensure the superior quality of the bird nests. As I am writing this, Mr. Harry came into my mind as a dedicated individual who has been working with our family since 1988. Mr. Harry is now about 70 years old and we are thankful for his and the entire Nest Empire team’s dedication.

Empowering people like Mr. Harry and his family has been our joy in the work that we do. We can only do this because of our loyal customers.

Thank you.