All of our bird nests products are imported from the heart of Indonesia. To date, we own a total of 14 bird nest houses in various locations in Indonesia. Since we have been in the industry for three decades, we own an established production line where we grow, harvest and clean our bird nests in house. Thus, we ensure the highest quality bird nests for our dear customers.

We areĀ a nature and animal lover. We first started our bird nest business after being offered to buy a house that contain barn swallows (burung sriti / collocalia lynchii). We soon turned the barn swallow house into a white swallow (sarang walet / collocalia fusifaga) house. The first house is in Bedingin, Central Java, Indonesia.


The second house was purchased in Purwodadi, Central Java.


Became a bird nest distributor in Indonesia.
First export to Singapore.


A third bird nest house was developed and constructed in Purwodadi, Central Java. Started export to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the largest importer of bird nests and is often regarded as the transit point of bird nests into China.


Construction of the fourth and fifth bird nest houses in Purwodadi and Ngawi.

Export to Taiwan and China began. Bird nests are particularly prized in the Chinese culture due to the high nutritional value and exquisite flavour. It is often bought as prestigious gifts for the loved ones.


Started building the sixth bird nest house in Ngawi, East Java.


By 2000, we have established eleven bird nest houses in Bali, Ngawi, Pati, Mayong, Garut, Purwodadi and Bedingin.


Till date, four more bird nest houses have been constructed in Kudus and Batam.


Started importing and distributing bird nest to Chinese herbal retailers in Vancouver.

We are the only supplier in Canada who grows, harvests, cleans, exports and distributes our own bird nests.


Listed as a Major Canadian Importer in the product category.


Begin supplying to Calgary and Edmonton. Reached a sales equivalent to supplying 13,000 bird nests soups per month.


Expanded into Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

In December 2015, we are launching the first ever online retailer of bird nests in Canada.